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The Incredible Flying ShadeSock

The Incredible Flying ShadeSock

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Introducing, The Revolutionary ShadeSock! 

The ShadeSock fly’s quietly without producing any flapping noise, setting it apart from other flying beach shades.

Anti-Flapping Design:
The ShadeSock's, Patent Pending design allows the canopy to inflate by capturing more wind than it releases. The pressure prevents the canopy from flapping. Customers described the floating canopy as "unique and peaceful", "like a cloud".

Self Adjusting:
The ShadeSock's, Patent Pending design also allows for the canopy to change direction with the wind. The canopy spins freely, adjusting with the wind just like a weather vane.

Ultimate Sun Protection:
Due to the canopy's design, the sun's harmful rays must travel through 2 or more layers of material to reach the ground below. 2 layers means 2 X Sun Protection. The canopy measures 8x10ft.

Quick & Easy Set-Up:
Set-up is quick and easy taking just 2 to 3 minutes. And once it is set up, the ShadeSock can be moved at any time without having to take it down thanks to its unique design.

Dual Compartment Carry Bag:
The durable canvas carry bag is divided into 2 compartments allowing for the separation of the canopy and the frame. Extra space in the bag make for an easy pack-up. The padded shoulder strap makes for an easy Carry. 


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